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Launch Your Business Career

A smarter approach to business education

Embrace a smarter, faster way to break into the business world.

Catalys offers an intensive program
blending essential business knowledge and real-world skill development, designed to help students land high-quality business professional jobs after graduation.

Rethinking business education for the modern era

Colleges are expensive and inefficient, failing to prepare business students for jobs in the real world

College tuition has been rising 2.5x faster than inflation over the past four decades in the US. Today, the average four-year college education costs over $100,000, forcing students to take on significant debt before entering the workforce. For many people, a business degree is viewed as the only path to land an entry level job in a coveted business field, only to then realize that professional success has little to do with one's academic background.


Catalys offers a streamlined program that equips students with essential business knowledge and real-world skills

At Catalys, we believe that good business education should be accessible, affordable, and aligned with the realities of the modern job market. We've distilled the essence of a business education into a focused and highly effective self-paced program, for less than 5% of the cost of a traditional bachelor's degree. Achieve in less than a year what takes four in traditional programs—at a fraction of the cost!

The Catalys difference

What I am getting?

Foundational business education​ with courses in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Information Systems, Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Professional soft skills development with real-world projects.

Personalized career services that help students land high-upside business professional jobs upon graduation.

Self-paced online program available for 20x lower cost than traditional four-year bachelor's program.​


Comparing Catalys vs College

Catalys offers a better, faster, and significantly cheaper alternative to traditional college business education options available today.

Undergrad Program




4 years, full time​


Mix of business and "general education" required classes, limited focus on real-world professional skills


Limited support provided to students

Based on average annual tuition and student living expenses at US colleges


Icon Only White Color - Transparent Background.png




1 year, part time


Business focused curriculum, assignments based on real-world projects to foster professional skills development


Career services embedded within curriculum, goal for job placement at graduation

One year duration is based on 10 hours weekly time commitment


Catalys Pricing

At Catalys, your ambitions aren't just dreams—they're an affordable reality. Choose between a flexible monthly payment plan or save with an upfront payment.

Total $5,799
Make 12 monthly payments of $479 plus a $50 registration fee.
Make an upfront payment and save $1,000 off the monthly plan!
Catalys Course Overview

The Catalys curriculum is curated from the same textbooks used in business schools throughout the United States. Dedicated time for 1:1 career consultations is embedded within the curriculum including hands on support with resume writing, job search and application, and interviewing process.

Business Meeting

Business and Economics

Discover key business models, industries and competitive dynamics. Dive into core micro and macroeconomics concepts, learning about markets, economic growth and policy.


Operations and HR

Navigate the operational and people aspects of business, learning to manage products and people effectively, oversee supply chains, and lead with confidence.

Exam Studies

Integrated Studies

Weave together knowledge from all program areas through multidisciplinary business case studies, bridging the gap between theory and practice to launch your career.

Business Meeting

Accounting and Finance

Master the principles of Accounting and Finance, from analyzing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flows, to understanding the core of corporate finance, budgeting, and financial forecasting.

Computer Tutorials

Technology and Information Systems

Understand the transformative power of technology in business, learning about cloud, data analysis, cybersecurity, and other modern technologies and trends.

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Marketing Fundamentals

Explore the foundational concepts of Marketing, including customer analysis, market segmentation, and the marketing mix dynamics.

Start up Business

Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
Learn the core concepts of business management and strategy development, alongside entrepreneurship essentials from identifying opportunities to planning and managing your startup.

Interested in Joining Catalys Innovative Program in 2024?

Apply today to take the first step towards a successful career in business!

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