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Launch your business career

Embrace a smarter, faster way to break into the business world. Catalys offers an intensive, one-year program blending essential business knowledge and real-world skill development, designed to help students land high-quality business professional jobs.
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Rethinking business education for the modern era

Colleges are increasingly expensive and inefficient, failing to prepare business students for jobs in the real world

College tuition has been rising 2.5x faster than inflation over the past four decades in the US. Today, the average four year college education costs over $100,000, forcing millions of students to take on significant debt burdens prior to entering the workforce. For many people, a business degree is viewed as the only path to land an entry level job in a coveted business field, only to then realize that professional success has nothing to do with one's academic background.

A smarter approach to business education

Catalys offers a streamlined program that equips students with essential business knowledge and real-world skills

At Catalys, we believe that good business education should be accessible, affordable, and aligned with the realities of the modern job market. We've distilled the essence of a business education into a focused and highly effective one-year program, for less than 10% of the cost of a traditional bachelor's degree. Achieve in one year what takes four in traditional programs—at a fraction of the cost!

Catalys one-of-a-kind program features
Foundational business education optimized for the real world

Catalys one-year program offers a real-world business curriculum that covers all major subjects and is designed to deliver the core competencies and practical skills that employers are seeking in the labor market.

Professional soft skills development

Catalys innovative program combines robust business curriculum with professional soft skills development to enable students to communicate clearly, collaborate with peers, and solve problems effectively within a real-world business setting.

Personalized career planning and job placement support

At Catalys, we measure success based on student outcomes in the professional world. We understand that finding the right job isn't just about having the qualifications; it's about making the right connections, finding the right fit, and differentiating from a sea of other candidates. Our hands on support model is designed to help students land jobs and kickstart successful careers at the end of the program.

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